Get Ready For The Boom In Electronic Cigarettes

Get Ready For The Boom In Electronic Cigarettes

e-cigarette-boomElectronic cigarettes began more as a hobby early on and then graduated to the point where they became a way to actually quit smoking tobacco. Tobacco smokers found that they could switch to the e cigarettes, which have an adjustable nicotine component, and dial down the nicotine gradually and then could continue to smoke, yet not have to put up with the tobacco smoke.

It is no secret to anybody that tobacco smoke is one of the main causes of lung cancer. Years of studies have shown that there are over 200 cancer causing chemicals in tobacco smoke including cyanide and arsenic. The tobacco tar that sticks to a smoker’s lungs causes cancer as well, and after years of it clogging up a person’s lungs it causes COPD.

So the switch from tobacco, cancer causing cigarettes, to electronic cigarettes that don’t cause anything is sort of an easy jump to make. Using an electronic cigarette is so much like smoking the real thing, there is no missing the habits that smokers have, such as smoking after a meal, smoking when you are nervous, smoking before bed, and smoking to be smoking.

Electronic cigarettes have a small vial of a glycol liquid that becomes vaporized, and the smoker inhales and exhales the vapor. The vapor looks so much like smoke, you would think that it is the real thing. You don’t have to worry about burning the house down if you fall asleep, everything is really great.

Besides, it is a lot more fun to “vape” as it is called, with the myriads of flavors (think of your favorite flavor, and someone will have it) and you can get different strengths of nicotine too. It really looks like bye bye tobacco cigarettes and hello electronic cigarettes.